Dealing with Die-off
last updated 5.1.06

Q. I read a product saying there is no die-off with enzymes for yeast control. Is this true?

A. Both the proteases and cellulases (and probably some hemi-cellulases and complex carb zymes) work on yeast. Candidase by Enzymedica has just proteases and cellulases. Candex by Pure Essence has the cellulases and other starch enzyme but not the high proteases. Candizyme (Renew Life) has a mixture of carbohydrate enzymes and proteases. No-Fenol (Houston Nutraceuticals), and Phenol Assist (Kirkman) have been used to assist with yeast and these have the cellulases but not the proteases. All have very different formulations. If one product doesn't give satisfactory results, try one of the others because the formulations are so different.

The idea about 'enzymes for yeast don't cause die-off' needs to be taken with a grain of salt (or an entire shaker). I have had several conversations with those using enzymes for yeast, and there definitely can be die-off...particularly with the products that do not include proteases.

The idea is the proteases are the guys that help to reduce or prevent die-off. Yeast and bacteria cells have mass (weight and take up space). So when they die, there is stuff left over (like when an animal dies and leaves behind a carcass which will proceed to decompose). When you do something that is effective on yeast, the body getting all the leftover stuff out is a cause of die-off. And we don't want it staying inside and rotting away anyway. Proteases come and dismantle this matter, help remove it, and thus reduce the die-off.

Enzymes can cause die-off if they are being effective at killing yeast. The yeast control is usually better with enzymes than using yeast herbs or meds without enzymes. But if you are having trouble with die-off, then try adding in more proteases. Other enzymes besides proteases may help a little with die-off too.

Enzymedica has on their site and, I think, on the bottle of Candidase, that if you have discomfort with the Candidase, take more proteases (like Purify/Virastop) to reduce or eliminate the discomfort. I asked what a good rule of thumb was, and was told about 2 strong proteases capsules to one yeast-killer capsule (so 2 Virastops for each Candidase, for example).

You can always reduce the dose of the yeast-killer too, or maybe a combination of more proteases and other die-off effect reducers.




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