Nutrition Log
last updated 8.25.05

This link brings up a Word document that contains a 1 page nutrition log developed by Karen DeFelice which you can use as a Food Diary, or to schedule supplements, foods, and reactions. It may take a moment to load.

Nutrition Log

Nutrients and Supplements

I personally have had magnificent success using certain over-the-counter supplements use in a certain way for certain problems. But there can be a 'scammish' element to supplements because this industry is not regulated. There are claims that some supplements can do everything for everyone - which is highly unbelievable. So caution is warranted. One shouldn't throw away all their common sense or park their thinking skills at the door just because something is deemed 'alternative'.

Just because something is 'natural' does not mean it is safe used in any way you choose. Snake venum is 'all natural'. Hemlock is 'all natural'. Poisonous gases from the earth are 'all natural'. Use the same critical evaluation for all natural supplements as you would for any prescription medication or health therapy. If a medication or supplement is effective, it means it can cause a change in your body (hopefully for the better). So if it can effect a change, you need to make sure the change is managed properly so it goes in the appropriate way to the appropriate level. At a mininum, check for:

  • how to start up with a new supplement or medication
  • maximum doses and how to dose
  • any interactions between various supplements and/or medications









Activated Charcoal

Culturelle research

FOS and Inulin

MCT / Lauricidin


Supplement Sources

This independent site is for education and information about digestive enzymes. There is a large need to provide practical and general information on enzyme therapy for a wide range of uses.

Enzymes have been around a very long time. Hopefully this site will help reduce the learning curve.

Ideas, comments, and questions are welcome.

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