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Links to Enzyme Information

Enzyme University`

Enzyme Technical Association

How Stuff Works


Federation of European Food Additives and Food Enzymes Industries

Introduction to Enzymes

Lactose Intolerance UK site
has several digestive enzyme products including GlutenZyme for gluten

enzyme research:

The Human Gastrointestinal Tract

Enzymes for Cats and Dogs

Other Interesting Links

1. RemedyFind - a site that allows individuals to rate many different therapies they have tried for various illnesses:

2. School Food and Lunches (improving nutrition at school)

3. Articles with details on vegetable species, herbs, food varieties, and other items. Includes history, uses, nutrition, etc.

4. Free stuff for kids (including Autism Coloring Book)

5. This site is about herb books, herb photos, how to use herbs, cooking with herbs, how to make teas, tonics, shampoos, herb baths, sauces, lozenges, syrups, cosmetics, skin care, soaps and recipes. You can sign up to receive an article on the Herb of the Week.

6. Stonyfield Dairy - lots of information, a 'moosletter', and coupons on 'all natural' dairy, yogurts (including soy yogurts), and related products.

7. Autism Coach offers products, information, and educational resources to help children within the autistic spectrum meet their maximum potential.

8. An awesome line of body care products that are nearly entirely free of common chemical additives that can aggravate certain conditions. A good resource for those with chemical sensitivities. These products perform well, a good value for the money, and 'average' people recommend them for routine use. The site has informative articles and information as well.

9. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
This site has good easy to follow descriptions and links on an assortment of illnesses, how the immune system works, how illness occur and work, etc. Click on the Publications link or type in the Search box to look up specific illnesses.

10. The Acne Resource Center
An online guide to many types of acne. The Articles sections has interesting discussions on various aspects and health and acne.

11. Kindersite Project
Free Internet resource of games, songs and stories. Being used by schools and parents of Autism spectrum as a 'possible' aid to communication. We would appreciate any feedback from users.

12. OMalley Therapy Solutions
A very affordable source for sensory therapy items. Contact company for items you may want but are not shown, and for suggestions.

13. emedicine
Look up various health issues for an overview, symptoms, treatments, etc. Some images too.

14. Link describing types of Corn


information on supplements


Past Link of the Month sites (since 2005)

Biology Tutorials and Resources

Vitamin Shoppe a line of retail stores with online shopping as well
World's Healthiest Food
Ojibwa Tea
Stonyfield Farms
Eat More Herbs
Digestive Diseases Information
Vitamin Trader
Green People

Dr. Goodpet

American Dieticians Association

Brainchild Nutritionals



Enzyme Specialists

This independent site is for education and information about digestive enzymes. There is a large need to provide practical and general information on enzyme therapy for a wide range of uses.

Enzymes have been around a very long time. Hopefully this site will help reduce the learning curve.

Ideas, comments, and questions are welcome.

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