Enzymes: Go With Your Gut
More Practical Guidelines for Digestive Enzymes

Karen L. DeFelice

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From the Ground Up

This much-anticipated sequel to the author’s previous bestselling books ‘Enzymes
for Autism and other Neurological Conditions’ and the variation ‘Enzymes for
Digestive Health’ covers new experiences and uses for digestive enzymes since
the first book. This practical guide to using digestive enzymes goes deeper and
wider into the interactions of enzymes, probiotics, and gut healing measures
helpful for many digestive, immune system, and other related health problems.
The unique discussion relates the biology of simple soil and lawn renovation
practices to teaching the principles of healing and microbial management in
the gut to allow the reader to implement more successful enzyme therapies
for better health. This book provides many guidelines, tips, and tricks based
on years of practical experience by thousands of families all over the world.

The Great Low-n-Slow Method - A specific step-by-step outline for introducing
digestive enzymes to minimize adjustment effects.

How the Gut Heals - Description of the intestinal environment with special
emphasis on what factors promote gut healing and the healing process.

Virus Interactions - Special section on recent investigations into enzymes
helping with viral conditions, and specific guidelines on what to do.

Troubleshooting Guide - What specific behaviors or symptoms may
indicate, and some practical ‘best bets’ suggestions for what to do.

Special Enzymes - Descriptions of increasingly popular enzymes for special uses.

Karen Leigh DeFelice, M. Sc., has worked in education and biological sciences for over 24 years, writing numerous education publications, technical documents, and interactive software titles. She is a pioneer in the practical uses of digestive enzymes and teaches on enzymes, digestive health, supplements and diets, and practical tips for improving health. Her personal battle with severe sensory issues and her two sons’ digestive and behavioral problems led her to
using enzymes as part of a total health solution for her own family. Her everyday humor
and positive style have given hope to thousands suffering from digestive health and
neurological conditions all over the world.

This book provides practical information and education on digestive enzymes, gut healing, and intestinal biology. Some of the main topics follow:

  • The Lay of the Land
  • Location, Location, Location - The Gut-brain Connection
  • How the gut heals and impact on detoxification
  • Where Do Enzymes Fit In?
  • Nutrition and enzymes
  • Just for the Record - Trends in Enzyme Therapy
  • The Great Low-n-Slow Method with specific guidelines for:
    • Yeast, bacteria, and virus control
    • Pain, (auto)immune conditions, arthritis, circulatory problems, fatigue, inflammation, and similar uses
    • Special diets or adding in previously eliminated foods
  • Digesting Enzyme Supplements
  • No Pathogen Is an Island - Biological Population Dynamics
  • Includes explanations on why you may be seeing what you are seeing with your gut healing program, diet, or supplements.
  • Biofilms
  • Probiotics - Whole-foods
  • Probiotics - Supplements
  • Guidelines for Bacteria and Yeast Control
  • Special Enzymes for Special Needs -
    • including seaprose, serrapeptidase, nattokinase, lysozyme, catalase, and blends
  • Viruses Part 1 - Guidelines for Viral Control
  • Viruses Part 2 - Results of Two Informal Studies
  • Fiber - A Diamond in the Roughage -
    • includes soluble versus insoluble, when to use which type, and how fiber-digesting enzymes impact fiber in the diet
  • Stool characteristics and possible indications
  • Encopresis: What is it and what to do about it

  • Troubleshooting Guide - presents an extensive list of various common situations and specific suggestions that tend to help
  • Many Scientific Studies and Reference


Praise for the author’s previous bestselling book:

“. . . a welcome and highly recommended reading for the non-specialist general
reader with an interest in autism, digestive, and related neurological conditions,
as well as an important addition to academic community library
Health/Medicine reference collections.”
- Midwest Book Review

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