Enzymes and Warts
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Enzymes and Warts

True warts are caused by a virus. A number of people trying ViraStop enzymes commented warts were going away with 3-6 capsules per day for a few days (this wasn't the initial intended use, but was a common side-benefit). This included long- standing warts as well as recently developed ones.

The following is from a book called "Enzyme Therapy" by Max Wolf and Karl Ransberger published in 1972...an older book I got from a used bookstore after much looking.

"The virus etiology [cause] of most juvenile warts has been definitely established...It was also determined that viruses can be present or absent in warts. Certainly recently formed warts contain much more virus particles than those persisted over a year. These
facts explain the often observed resistance against therapy of long existing or recurring warts." - pages 130-131.

The authors then go on to say that 'fresh warts' just appearing can be helped by enzymes cream or salve. In cases of wide warts dissemination, much more aggressive use of enzymes is necessary, including taking several tablets/capsules of appropriate enzymes a day. They were using something along the lines of Wobenzym systemic enzymes. Similar targeting enzymes would be ViraStop by Enzymedica, or Vital-zym.

Wobenzyme very recently came out with a topical enzyme cream but I don't know how well it works. The part that was interesting that not all warts are the same, with some having more active virus parts in them and others do not. This echoes what actual people have posted using:

- some warts were easily removed by abrasion methods (i.e. duct tape, scotch-tape, nail filing). Perhaps these are warts without much active virus present.

- other warts were unresponsive to the abrasion methods, but were responsive to
antivirals which enter the body system and have anti-viral properties (ViraStop enzymes, olive leaf extract, salicylate acid, vitamin C, etc).

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Various Suggestions for Warts

1. 3-6 capsules of ViraStop enzymes between meals. Use for several days or a couple weeks.

2. Olive Leaf Extract - can take from 1 -4 weeks depending on the wart and product used. Note: the olive leaf extract in combination with the ViraStop may work better than either alone.

3. One person used full strength grapefruit seed extract (GSE) on her son's molluscum and she said they dried up and fell off. H had many on his belly. She applied the GSE while he slept.

4. Zinc supplements.

5. Certain types of warts go away on their own. Allow several months.

6. One person wrote she treated her son's planters wart with a homeopathic creme preparation called"THUGA" topically. It took about three weeks when applied twice a day.

7. Vitamin C and lysine (and if not chemically sensitive, BHT) by mouth 3-4 times a day. Try rubbing some elderberry extract syrup on the wart.



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