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This independent site is for education and information about digestive enzymes. There is a large need to provide practical and general information on enzyme therapy for a wide range of uses.

Enzymes have been around a very long time. Hopefully this site will help reduce the learning curve.

Ideas, comments, and questions are welcome.

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Guidelines for Enzyme Products

When considering an enzyme product, think about WHY you want to use enzymes and what goals you would like to achieve. The following products have been found beneficial by those with various conditions under real life practical use as reported by families. Special notes are given based on consumer experience as well as technical information. This is not a complete list. Most every supplement vendor sells some type of enzyme product. Please refer to How to Read an Enzyme Label for additional information.

NOTE: A former version of this guide was taken, altered in places, and circulated around the internet by someone saying they are Loren Winblad who is claiming to be the author. Other articles from this site were similarly copied and slightly altered so the meaning is incorrect. This person failed to respond to several emails. Please disregard 'articles' by this person as some of the information can be incorrect or outdated.

last updated 4.28.08

If you are wanting to leave a casein-free, gluten-free (and possibly soy-free, corn-free too) diet:

  • GlutenEase (Enzymedica) - very effective product targeting both protein and carbohydrate portions of gluten and casein. Effective enough to replace GFCF diet for many people. Not intended for celiacs to leave gluten-free diet, but acts as 'safety net' for accidental exposures. Lessens symptoms for many with celiac. Does not cause adverse reactions some other gluten-targeting enzyme products do in celiac.
  • Peptizyde (Houston Nutraceuticals) - found to be effective enough for replacing GFCF diet for many people. Not advised for celiacs even as 'safety net' because some celiacs report worsening of symptoms with accidental exposure.
  • AFP Peptizyde (Houston Nutraceuticals) – like Peptizyde but does not contain any fruit-derived enzymes (if you have phenol or salicylate sensitivies).
  • Peptidase Complete (Kirkman Labs) - like Peptizyde with bromelain. Has not performed as well to replace a GFCF diet, but handles trace amounts acceptably.
  • Glutenzyme (Biocare) - sold in the UK, no other information

If you are wanting to stay on a casein-free, gluten-free diet (soy- fre, corn-free) and supplement with enzymes for trace amounts, contamination, or small infractions, the following products are designed for this

  • Digest Gold (Enzymedica) - broad-spectrum with DPP IV
  • GlutenEase (Enzymedica) - for casein, gluten breakdown, both proteins and carb parts; newest and most robust gluten-casein targeting product
  • Lacto (Enzymedica) - low protease broad-spectrum product with enzymes for casein, gluten proteins, carbs, and fats. Very good starter enzyme product.
  • Peptizyde (Houston Nutraceuticals, both original and AFP) - for casein, gluten proteins only (not the carbohydrate part or broad-spectrum) - like Peptidase Complete. Peptizyde has no bromelain, just papain. AFP Peptizyde has neither bromelain or papain.
  • EnZym-Complete/DPP-IV (Kirkman Lab) - warning: lots of fruit-derived enzymes
  • EnZym-Complete II Isogest Formula (Kirkman Lab) - has a bit more carb-digesting enzyme
  • Maximum Complete (Kirkman Lab) - similar to EnZyme-Completes with Isogest, but not fruit-derived enzymes
  • Peptidase Complete (Kirkman Lab) - like Peptizyde with more bromelain instead of papain.
  • DPP-IV Forte (Kirkman Lab) - one of the casein, gluten proteases. Does not have needed companion proteases. Maybe helpful added into to a broad-spectrum product.
  • Serenaid (Klaire Labs) - has not performed great for casein, gluten, but is a protease product.
  • Vital-zymes Complete (Klaire Labs, not the Vital-zym Forte) - good broad-spectrum with added casein, gluten enzymes.
  • Digest Right (Learner's Edge) - moderate broad-spectrum with added casein, gluten enzymes.
  • A DPP IV Biocore blend may be included in certain products
  • GlutenZyme is made by Biocare with reports of it being successful with gluten and casein, but it isn't known at this date if it contains DPP IV

If you want a broad-spectrum all-purpose product for all foods other than casein and gluten (although some may help with casein and gluten too):

  • Most every supplement vendor offers some type of broad-spectrum enzyme product. Some are not very strong, others (such as these listed) have good activity levels or 'strength' and robust enzyme profiles
  • Digest Gold (Enzymedica) – does not contain any fillers, approximately 3 times stronger than Digest; does not contain fruit-derived enzymes helpful for those with phenol sensitivities, contains some DPP IV protease blend
  • Digest (Enzymedica) – does not contain any fillers, contains probiotics; does not contain fruit-derived enzymes helpful for those with phenol sensitivities
  • Lacto (Enzymedica) – does not contain any fillers, contains less protease than Digest; does not contain fruit-derived enzymes helpful for those with phenol sensitivities, contains DPP IV protease blend
  • V-Gest (Enzymedica) – does not contain any fillers, contains less protease than Digest; does not contain fruit-derived enzymes helpful for those with phenol sensitivities
  • Maximum Complete (Kirkman Lab) - similar to EnZyme-Completes with Isogest, but not fruit-derived enzymes, contains added DPP IV protease blend
  • Vital Zyme Forte by Klaire Labs – contains beet root powder, in gelatin capsules
  • Vital Zyme Complete by Klaire Labs – same as Vital Zyme Forte but with added DPP IV and a couple other special enzymes for adding healing
  • Elite-zyme Ultra by ( Thropps Nutrition) - no fillers, includes ionic minerals

If you want enzymes for yeast control:

For yeast control, give these products in between meals, either one hour before eating or 2 hours after eating. Yeast control with the cellulase products is more effective if there proteases are given along with it. If you take these product with meals they will help with yeast a little and also break down much of the more fibrous foods eaten (complex carbs, fruits, and vegetables) Work great together with some sort of yeast killer or antifungal. These enzymes may also helpful with Specific Carbohydrate Diet.

  • Candidase (Enzymedica) – contains cellulase and proteases
  • Candex (Pure Essence) – company has several formulations of this product. The older version contained cellulase plus probiotics. The newer version in most locations in the US has an assortment of just enzymes for fibrous foods but no proteases. A version sold in England has the fibrous enzymes and include proteases. Besure to check which version you are getting.
  • Candizyme (Renew Life) - similar to the Candex with proteases.

Notes: Some enzyme product have been seen to be very effective on yeast even though they are not specifically labeled for yeast control. However, the enzymes in the products just happen to be higher amounts of fiber digesting enzymes which help with yeast control. A few products in this category are:

  • V-Gest (Enzymedica)
  • No-Fenol (Houston)
  • Phenol Assist (Kirkman Labs)
  • Carb-Digest with Isogest™ (Kirkman Labs)

Yeast control enzymes may be helpful with conditions such as ulcerative colitis, Crohn's, celiac, irritable bowel syndrome, irritable bowel disease, and other conditions caused by bacteria, yeast, and inflammation in the gut. It helps to keep the roughage down to not irritate the gut lining, as well as fight yeast directly.

If you want enzymes for virus control:

Enzymes for viral control as been explored over the past 2 years. Only ViraStop (Enzymedica) has been proven useful and designed for this, although some other products with similar enzyme profiles may also be useful. For extensive information on the ViraStop testing and the enzyme viral control program developed, see the following links:

If you want a strong protease to assist with yeast and bacteria control, immune system support, gut healing, and other uses besides food digestion..these are all strong proteases. Some are designed specifically for between meal healing while others just happen to have enzymes in the mix that work in this way:

  • Purify (Enzymedica) - contains some minerals as well to facilitate activity
  • Repair Gold (Enzymedica) – contains proteases, amylase, and lipase; features bromelain
  • SerraGold (Enzymedica) – contains proteases, particularly serratiopeptidase
  • ViraStop (Enzymedica) - contains some minerals and a unique blend of progressive enzymes targeting many aspects of system wide cleansing and immune system support; is particularly effective on virus problems
  • Peptizyde (Houston) – contains only proteases; not specifically for between meals but can do some work there
  • Peptidase Complete (Kirkman Labs) - similar to Peptizyde; not a robust between meal product but may help some
  • Vitalzym (World Nutrition) - several versions, formulations
  • Wobenzym - contains mostly proteases; contains both plant and animal derived enzymes

If you want a product for phenols, or if you are sensitive to phenols:

Enzymedica (the Thera-blends do not contain fruit-derived enzymes):

  • Acid Soothe - between or with meals to help with upset or acid stomach
  • Allerase - between meals to help with allergies, not intended for food digestion
  • Candidase - between meals to help with candida yeast, not intended for food digestion
  • Digest - broad-spectrum intended for food digestion
  • Digest Gold- broad-spectrum intended for food digestion; 3 times more potency than Digest
  • Enhance - intended to help with supplement digestion and absorption
  • Lypo Gold - broad-spectrum, no cellulases, high fat digestion; note: this works well if you are taking a time-released medication containing cellulose
  • Lacto - broad-spectrum, low proteases, high dairy digestion including casein, lactose and fats in dairy
  • MucoStop - between meals to help with excess mucos, helps with respiratory problems, not intended for food digestion
  • Natto-K - between meals; contains nattokinase
  • pH-Basic - intended for perceived pH issues, not intended for food digestion
  • SerraGold - between meals; contains serratiopeptidase
  • V-gest - higher in diets with lots of fiber foods such as roughage, fruits and vegetables; intended for food digestion; some reports of it helping with phenol sensitivities
  • Virastop - between meals to help with viruses and systemic cleaning, not intended for food digestion

Houston Nutraceuticals:

  • AFP Peptizyde - helps with protease needs, intended for casein, gluten, soy protein problems and other protein foods
  • Zyme Prime for SCD - broad-spectrum for food digestion
  • No-Fenol - helps with fiber foods, helps with phenol sensitivities

Klaire Labs:

  • Vital-Zymes Complete - broad-spectrum for food digestion, higher in proteases for casein, gluten, soy and other proteins

Kirkman Labs:

  • Carb-Digest with Isogest™- semi-broad-spectrum intended to help with carb and fiber foods ONLY, no proteases; the n*zymes blend does not contain fruit-derived enzymes
  • DPP-IV Forte - boosts DDP IV activity in the presence of other enzymes, helps with a particular bond in casein, gluten, soy; note: DPP IV enzyme activity does not breakdown the entire gluten/casein protein by itself but is essential nonetheless
  • Maximum Complete (Kirkman Lab) - similar to EnZyme-Completes with Isogest, but not fruit-derived enzymes, contains added DPP IV protease blend
  • Phenol Assist - for fiber foods, intended to help with phenol sensitivities

Pure Essence:

  • Candex - between meals to help with candida yeast, not intended for food digestion; note there are two variations of this out. The one without proteases is fine in this category.

Note: May be helpful with Feingold Program, particularly going from Stage 1 to Stage 2.

If you want a 'gentler' product for a very injured gut:

  • Acid Soothe (Enzymedica) contains no proteases, and does contain amylase, lipase, cellulase and 4 herbs to aid in gut healing; what called Gastro

  • Lacto (Enzymedica) is about the best 'starter' enzyme product out there in addition to being excellent for many types of dairy intolerance (casein, lactose, fat digestion). It has no fillers, no extra herbs, no fruit-derived enzymes, and low proteases although it does contain DPP IV. So it has minimal ingredients that can cause discomfort in the beginning of gut healing and enzyme use yet has effective amounts of all other enzymes for a broad-spectrum use.
    see Great Low-n-Slow Method
  • You can always reduce the dose of a more aggressive enzyme product to get less adjustment effects initially, however, this also reduces the total quantity of all other enzymes as well, so you have less enzyme action overall

If you want a high lipase product for extra help breaking down fats:

  • Lypo (Enzymedica) - highest quantity lipase retail product. This can serve to break down most foods as a broad-spectrum but doesn't have as many varied enzymes as Digest Gold. Because it does not contain cellulase, it works well for those on time-released medications where cellulose may be added as a binder.
  • Digest Gold (Enzymedica) - high lipase containing broad-spectrum product.
  • Tyler Lipase Concentrate (Tyler) - only lipase enzymes in a gelatin capsule
  • Biocore Lipo (National Enzyme) - only lipase in a vegetarian capsule; Kirkman distributes
  • Pancreatic enzymes - Some people do well with prescription pancreatic enzyme products for this purpose, such as Viokase, Creon, etc.

If you are on a diet higher in fats (such as a low carb diet or eats lots of fast food), or have trouble loosing weight, enzymes high in lipase may be helpful.

Other uses:

Tyler makes Similase and Similase Jr in several different varieties, sometimes recommended by clinics. There are several lines of enzymes only for health practitioners. Transformation and Theramedix are two of these. If you are interested in finding a practitioner who incorporates enzymes into their total program, click here:
Enzymes Practitioners

Many people with autism (and other conditions) may have gastrointestinal problems so great that any product can bring a little improvement. Just keep in mind that further improvement may be possible as well.

There are at least 9 brands all claiming to be the 'best' or 'most potent' or 'most comprehensive' or 'best value' or 'best all around enzyme product' - please take any such claim with not only a grain of salt, but an entire shaker.

Note: Enzymedica products are available in health food stores, or online. You can search for the best price online. All products come in veggie capsules except for some of Klaire products which did come in gelatin capsules. When comparing prices, please note if the quantities given are for one, two, or more capsules, and how many capsules are in a bottle. Houston products contain rice bran or coconut oil, Klaire products contain beet root powder, and Enzymedica products contain no fillers, Thropps Nutrition contains ionic minerals. Most people find these ingredients are not a problem. However, please note these if they are a concern for you.